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    HI everyone.
    For anyone who may be interested, we are having our third North Wales
    unimeet on the 6th of August in Llandudno. Highlights will include a
    ride along the prom and MUni'ing on the Great Orme.
    I believe we are now to be known as the NorthWales Unicylce Troupe, or
    NUTs for short (thanks Roger!).
    Come and play!


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  3. "cathwood" <[email protected]> wrote in
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    > I know it's a long shot, North Wales is a small place, but there might
    > be someone out there who is interested. after all I am.
    > Sorry to all those who aren't.

    I'm interested, I'll be in North Wales on the 6th, and usually I would have
    had my Onza with me. Unfortunately I have a broken collarbone, and
    unicycling is one of the many things that it is difficult to do in this

    thanks anyway, and have a good time.

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  4. I would be interested, but the date clashes with the Kidderminster
    Unimeet, and as I live in Portsmouth, I'll be going there 'cos it's

    Have fun though and I'm sure that I'll be able to come up to another in
    the future.


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