Northbrook, IL - start of Road/stock bike velodrome program

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This is a one time message which announces that the Friday Night Stock/Road Bike program starts June
6. To recieve these newsletters via email regarding the Ed Rudolph Velodrome located in Northbrook,
IL USA send an email to [email protected]

It's here! Tomorrow, June 6, marks the first night of the Friday Night Development series! We've
been telling you about it, cajoling you to be there, and now it's time! This great program offers
boys and girls, men and women, riders of all abilities the chance to try out track racing in a fun
and safe environment. So grab the family, and join us at the Velodrome tomorrow ...

IN THIS ISSUE - Volume 1, Number 14 - June 5, 2003
* Sponsor Spotlight: Northbrook Bicycle Club
* Friday Night Series begins!
* What color is YOUR rainbow?
* Omnium update
* Upcoming race schedule
* A note on the newsletter
* Upcoming updates from the NCC

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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Northbrook Bicycle Club

We've been highlighting long-time Velodrome sponsors in a more-or-less alphabetical order, and in a
stroke of serendipity, it's time to spotlight the Northbrook Bicycle Club.

Sponsored by George Garner Cyclery, Sunset Foods Northbrook, and GT, the Northbrook Bicycle Club is
a Velodrome mainstay. In conjunction with the Northbrook Park District, they run the Friday Night
Stock Bike Program, which starts tomorrow! This long-time program has introduced a host of riders to
the Velodrome, some of whom who have gone on to amazing careers in track and road racing.

Easily recognizable in their white, purple, and black team kit, these club members mix it up
regularly on the track and at road events throughout the region. For more information about the
club, contact Stephen Cohen, 2431 The Strand, Northbrook, IL 60062, 847.528.3814.

For more information about their sponsors, check out the web at,, or


The Northbrook Bicycle Club's Friday Night Stock Bike Program starts tomorrow! Open to anyone from
the complete novice to USCF racers interested in trying the track. The aim of the program is to
encourage one and all to try the track, testing the competitive waters in a fun and casual

It starts this Friday night, June 6, and will see action starting at
7:30 p.m., with registration opening at 6:15 p.m.

Thanks to the generous sponsors, the cost is again just $6 ($8 for USCF racers), and just $1 on the
first night of racing for a number. In addition to the Northbrook Bicycle Club, the program is
brought to you by the Northbrook Park District, Specialized Bicycles, George Garner Cyclery, Sunset
Foods, The Landmark Inn, Great Harvest Bread Co., Clif Bar, AthletiCo, and Zengler Cleaners.

For USCF racers looking to upgrade to Category 4, three consecutive Friday nights of racing - on
track bikes - qualifies you to race on Thursdays. More information is available on the Web at, or leave a voicemail at
847/291-2974 x646 or email [email protected]


Amid the cacophony of colors out there on the track each week will be two very special ones: yellow
and red. No, this isn't the racing kit of a well-known local team - these colors are all about

Each week, the leader of the $2500 Rider of the Year competition, sponsored by Alberto's, will be
given yellow numbers to denote his or her status on the track. This bright number plate will help
competitors and fans alike keep tabs on this rider in the quest to win the season-long battle.

Out there on the track will also be a rider with red numbers - the Most Aggressive Rider from the
previous week. Sponsored by Get a Grip Cycles, this program awards fast, hard-hitting racers with a
chance to be recognized for their efforts ... even if they don't result in a podium appearance. Each
week the judges will determine the winner of this competition, and award them a red number plate for
the night.


We were unable to hold the promised photo op last Thursday, so we're going to try again! The top 5
of the State Championship Omnium, Jay Keltner, Shannon Malmquist, Kris Kutler, Brendan George, and
David Sachs will be honored this Thursday. Bring your camera and look for the medallists around the


Since we're going to stop hammering so hard with the newsletter (see note below), here is the
upcoming schedule at the Velodrome for the next few nights ... mark your calendars now ...

Thursday, June 5 - Thursday Night Racing sponsored by Grove Dental Cycling Team Friday, June 6 -
Friday Night Stock Bike Program opener Monday, June 9 - NCC Monday night training begins Tuesday,
June 10 - Alberto's Sport Tuesday Night Training Wednesday, June 11 - Northbrook Bicycle Club
Wednesday training Thursday, June 12 - Thursday Night Racing including Cat. P/1/2/3 10-Mile Race
Friday, June 13 - Friday Night Stock Bike Program Monday, June 16 - State Championship Kilo (rain
date June 23)


We've been hitting your mailbox pretty hard in the past couple of weeks, hopefully getting you as
excited as we are in anticipation of a fantastic 2003 season. Now that Thursdays are under way and
Fridays begin tomorrow, we're going to dial it down a notch ... but you won't be rid of us
completely! Instead of the twice-weekly pace we've had recently, we're going back to a weekly or
bi-weekly format, depending on news availability and time. Not to worry, though - you can still get
your regular fix of Velodrome news, including results and racing updates, at


In future issues of this newsletter, we'll fill you in on all the exciting happenings at the
Northbrook Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome in 2003. Among the stories we have planned ...
* Sponsor Spotlights
* Destination: Northbrook

The Northbrook Cycle Committee (NCC) ( is an organization of
riders, fans, and officials, that organizes and promotes Thursday Night Racing at the Northbrook
Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome. Devoted to bike advocacy within Northbrook, Ill., the NCC helps
the Park District maintain the Velodrome and is a member of the Northbrook Historical Society
( and the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce

Please feel free to pass this on to any other interested folks, or at the very least encourage them
to sign up for the NCC e-mail list at
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