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    The weather prognosticators are optimistic, the Northbrook Park District has finished the patching,
    and our USCF officials say we're ready to compete ... so "let's get ready" for racing! Tonight's
    the night - Opening Night 2003! It may not have all the cache of Wrigley Field in April, but it's
    pretty close ...

    IN THIS ISSUE - Volume 1, Number 12 - May 29, 2003
    * Sponsor Spotlight: Grove Dental Cycling Team
    * Opening Night!
    * When it rains, it pours
    * Monday, Monday, Monday!
    * Upcoming updates from the NCC

    Visit us on the Web:

    SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Grove Dental Cycling Team

    Grove Dental Cycling Team (formerly is a Category 1/2 road team based in the Midwest.
    Their five riders: Todd Campbell, Brian Dziewa, Karl Stover, Erik Tomlinson, and Scott Walters, are
    from Missouri and Illinois and compete throughout the region. Three of the riders: Todd, Brian, and
    Scott, race on the collegiate circuit in the spring, so the Grove team really comes together in May.

    While anticipating an active road season, they are also looking forward to racing on the track
    whenever they're in the area. Grove Dental sponsors racing at the Velodrome next Thursday night,
    June 5. For more information about the team and their sponsors, contact Susan Walters at
    [email protected]


    This is it! It's been nine long months, and now is the moment we've all been waiting for. The 2003
    season is a go!

    Here is some last-minute information, just to make sure we're all on the same page:
    * Registration opens at 6:15 p.m. in the chalet
    * Registration is $20 for seniors, $10 for women and juniors. Women and juniors racing a second
    category pay a maximum of $20. Northbrook residents are half-price, since the Velodrome is in
    your tax area
    * In case of a rain-out, the following Thursday will have free entry
    * Opening night registration is FREE. Riders will, however, need to pay $2 USCF insurance charge
    * Rider numbers are $5, payable the first night of racing
    * Rider of the Year and Team of the Year registration is $10 each, payable the first night of racing
    * All riders must sign a USCF release form - one for the whole season
    * Racing starts at 7:30!!


    Despite the unproven existence of a weather vortex that hangs over the Velodrome, there are still
    some nights when racing is just not possible. While each of the state championship events has a
    required "rain date" to make up the competition, Thursday nights just get skipped ... until the
    next week.

    The weather for tonight looks good, but there will be times this summer when things aren't so
    blue-sky. Please be sure to use whatever resources you can to confirm current conditions - we have a
    weather link at - and remember that it can often be raining in Chicago
    and elsewhere but bone-dry in Northbrook.

    If you're not sure, please call the Velodrome hotline at 847.291.2974 #7 or the Chalet at


    Just a reminder, the Velodrome is open for practice Monday nights from 5 to 9/10 p.m., on nights
    when no state championships or other events are scheduled. There will be coaching available and
    Motorpacing sessions. Development riders are encouraged to come earlier in the evening, so they may
    learn to ride on the track when it is less crowded.

    Track bikes are available for rental, and helmets are required. The cost for this will be $5 per
    rider, and to ensure our insurance is covered we will need a roster of all riders participating. (In
    other words, please check in with the NCC member who is there that night.) This all begins on June
    2, so get out and ride!


    In future issues of this newsletter, we'll fill you in on all the exciting happenings at the
    Northbrook Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome in 2003. Among the stories we have planned ...
    * Sponsor Spotlights
    * What color is YOUR rainbow?

    The Northbrook Cycle Committee (NCC) ( is an organization of
    riders, fans, and officials, that organizes and promotes Thursday Night Racing at the Northbrook
    Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome. Devoted to bike advocacy within Northbrook, Ill., the NCC helps
    the Park District maintain the Velodrome and is a member of the Northbrook Historical Society
    ( and the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce

    To recieve these newsletters via email, send an email to [email protected]

  2. "Cachet" means Prestige, "Cache" means a hiding place.

    Ah, who cares, they're French words anyway. We're all supposed to be mad at those Frenchies right
    now, aren't we?

    In sunny So Cal, we're eagerly awaiting the construction of the new velodrome at the Home Depot
    Sport Center, where the 1984 7-11 Olympic Velodrome was razed to make room for a soccer stadium.
    Naturally, because So Cal weather is so unpredictable, it is going to be the first covered velodrome
    in the USA!
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