Northbrook velodrome racing history

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    Northbrook Cycle Committee History - Mr. Andy Englelhardt
    The organization that is responsible for the staging of the weekly
    series of races here at the Northbrook Velodrome each Thursday during
    the summer is known as The Northbrook Cycling Committee. Let us take a
    look at the history of this organization....

    Velodrome history - Ed Rudolph
    Edward J. Rudolph, who trained some of the greatest speed skaters in
    U.S. history in Northbrook, and was the most significant force behind
    the Northbrook Park District's development, died Dec. 24. He was 92...

    Illinois Racing History - Humboldt Park Bicycle Track
    The first track was a cement track built in 1928. Racing was probably
    somewhat limited, but there have been some reports of organized racing
    on a small scale....

    Northbrook Cycle Committee History - Richard Bagger
    The staging of these weekly Thursday night races here at the Ed
    Rudolph/Meadowhill Park is the result of efforts by some very dedicated

    Northbrook Cycle Committee History William J. “Torchy” Peden 1906 – 1980
    This year the Northbrook Cycling Committee dedicates these weekly
    bicycle races to the memory of Mr. W. J. “Torchy” Peden..