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    Hi, I'm a Chicago city resident (North side, Albany Park), and I work in Mt. Prospect (Rand and Kensington by the Costco). I've been making the commute a couple of times a week (15.5mi), has been o.k., but I've been struggling with the portion around Des Plaines. I come into the area via Busse, but I can't find any good way to get northwest of there. Here are the options that I know: - Rand Rd from S River Rd to Wheeling - People routinely do 60 and the shoulder is full of deep drains - Northwest Highway to Mt. Prospect - All kinds of bad including a blind, dipping bend where people do 50 miles an hour. Nope - S. River rd to Kensington? - Big and high speed with construction. I'm currently taking Rand, but I am hoping that someone who lives up here has a thought about a better way to go. Here is my complete route: Elston NW to Milwaukee Milwaukee to Raven Raven W to NW Highway NW Highway to Elm (Park Ridge, just north of Touhy) Elm to Busse Hwy Busse Hwy to S River Rd S River Rd to Rand (Via Elk. Wave to 1st McDonalds) Rand to Business Center Dr / Wheeling Rd (just past the Manards / Brunswick Zone) Wheeling Rd to Kensington Kensington to Work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!