Not Again !


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Oct 26, 2001
As some of you know I bought a road bike in june and it's been wonderful, until yesterday &gt;:(<br /><br />About 25 miles from home the magnet started to touch the sensor so I moved the sensor thinking that it had moved. within the next 10 miles the wheel gradually gave up it's will to live.<br /><br />Now this happened when I bought my Mtb last year but I blamed myself because I didn't take it back to have the bike checked after 2 months.<br /><br />This time I made sure I took the Roadbike back and because of the Mtb history asked him to make sure the wheels were okay.<br /><br />So what the hell is going on, is it just my bad luck this time.<br /><br />I learned one valuable lesson though, take a mobile phone.<br /><br />I had to walk a mile until I saw an open car dealership and ask them if I could use their phone.
Bad luck Laz, <br /><br />So what was it, the bearings? Could it not perhaps have been the skewer which was not tight enough causing the wheel to move against the magnet and then the brake blocks?
Lab Rat, the spokes worked themselves loose.<br /><br />It happened on the MTB but I managed to get home on that occassion, they are obviously more robust than road wheels.<br />This time I couldn't believe how quickly the wheel gave in and how uncontrollable the bike became.<br /><br />Took the wheel back today and the LBS fixed it, They said that whilst it shouldn't have gone so quickly but at the same time I should check them pretty regulary, so I guess I'll have to buy a spoke key.<br /><br />Or is messing about wheels something I should leave to the experts ?