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    Apr 5, 2004
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    I've been riding bikes since "I could", but since we are stationed in germany now I am officially bitten by the road race bug. The bike thing started when the guys realized i was fast enough to burn them when we'd play tag on bikes. In my twenties and living in ny, I gave up my car for a bike (it was way faster). Here in germany it's biker paradise. Whole roads ( called radwegs) for bikes from city to town etc. and they get equal if not preferencial treatment on the road. They hubby is coming back soon so I can ditch the burley ( he gets the boy and a extra 50lbs) and use these awsome thighs for a little more speed.
    1) Having a lot of trouble improving my rotation speed,I do spinning classes and I can jam hard with the best, but the fast speed pedaling makes me almost fly off of the bike.
    2)I hear the mens champions all the time (Lance Mario etc.)
    who are the womens champs?
    3) Old age, and banged up knees grinding away at me. Glucosamine already on board. Any other women specific suplements?

    Thanks ladies..