Not guilty - Edinburgh teacher showing "indecent" cycling magazines to pupils

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David Hansen

Some of you may recall the schoolteacher in Edinburgh who was accused of, amongst other things,
taking "indecent" cycling magazines into school for the pupils to read. For once the legal mess has
come up with the right answer and he has been found not guilty. has the story.

>Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier heard the headteacher of the primary school >deny leading a
>"witch-hunt" against Mr Robertson, who was accused of staring >at his pupils as they changed.

She would say that wouldn't she.

>The reading material which Mr Robertson had brought into school which was >said to be indecent
>consisted of mountain bike magazines.
>The teacher had brought them into school for pupils to read and they were >said to be popular,
>particularly with the boys.
>Pictures in the magazines included one apparently showing a man "in bondage >gear" mending his bike
>while another was said to show "scantily-clad women".

Perhaps bibshorts are bondage gear?

The head teacher has made a number of nasty slurs against cycling. If anyone wants to ask the
Councillor responsible for education in Edinburgh about her job prospects following this outbusrst
he can be contacted by e-mail [email protected].

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On Sat, 01 Feb 2003 13:18:52 +0000, David Hansen <[email protected]> wrote:

>Perhaps bibshorts are bondage gear?

Or maybe it was MBUK :-/

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