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    This is not your normal cat.

    Pics at

    I had the following installed on my recumbent Catrike Road 2004, #116:

    1. 24" rims all way round

    2. SRAM - 81 gear set up

    3. Rotor cranks

    4. Fenders and rear rack

    5. Four Cateye EL 500 lights upfront

    6. Knee Savers


    24” rim initial ride:

    1. Braking...saw no effects.

    2. Steering...turn around ability has decreased, but was not significant.

    3. More comfortable...yes, especially when I hit the small imperfections in the road. With wider tires, ride is smoother and quieter.

    4. Getting out trike is easier since I am two inches higher off the ground.

    5. Getting in/out in the trike is more difficult since tires are now four inches wider and this put me much closer to the faring when entering and exiting the trike.

    SRAM – 81 gear set up:

    1. Speed on flats improved significantly

    2. Ability to negotiate hills better.

    Rotor cranks

    1. Knee pain less

    2. Climbing easier

    I have two reflector flags reinforced with two reflectors belts (worn by Soldiers for physical training in early am). Belts run across between the flags and one flows down to the rear luggage. Flag stems have four blinking reflectors lights that run on two AA batteries.

    Have same blinking reflectors lights on poles and one Ezy Flare ( blinking light on rear luggage bags.

    Other stuff:
    I ride with a reflector vest and helmet.

    I had a policeman pull me over at
    5:30 am because he did not know what kind of vehicle I was. He was surprised that I was a recumbent trike.

    I enjoy riding in early am...few on the road and is peaceful and quiet. Great time to reflect on life.

    Installation done by:
    Installation done by The Bicycle Company, 3800 Mesa Suite D4, El Paso, TX 79902, at

    (915) 544-2453.

    Catrike Road 2004, #116

    Cats just don't feel safe on a moving bicycle, no matter how much duct tape you use.