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Noteworthy quotations

"I brainwashed youngsters into doing wrong. I want to say sorry to children everywhere for selling
out to concerns who make millions by murdering animals."
- Geoffrey Guiliano, the main Ronald McDonald actor in the 1980's who quit and publicly apologized

"A diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt, and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals,is
linked with cancer of the breast and bowel and heart disease."
- McLibel defendants quoting London Greenpeace Factsheet

"If it [the above statement] is being directed to the public then I would say it is a very
reasonable thing to say."
- Dr Sidney Arnott, McDonalds expert witness on cancer

"It is our objective to dominate the communications area ... because we are competing for a share of
the customer's mind".
- Alistair Fairgrieve, McDonalds UK Marketing Services Manager during the McLibel trial

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