Now Harvard study backs up Atkins diet

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Yo!, Nov 27, 2003.

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    Harvard study did not back it up very well - the results were NOT significantly different on
    statistical testing (the distribution of both groups had some of overlap at the end).++Also they had
    poor measures of compliance and likely if they ENFORCED their diets then the less-palatable one
    might be the one that would win out, which is the opposite of how diets work in real life - the more
    likely you are to stick to them the better.++ALso willett himself has shown fat>carbs in causing
    obesity over long periods of time in free living humans.++His review of why lowfat is not greater
    than low cal is not very convincing as 90% of the studies he reviews did not have weight loss as
    principle outcome and YET he DID show a significant weight loss!++he just called it small, which is
    right.++However subsequent meta analysis contradict his view.

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