NRR: White Ranch



CowPunk wrote:
>> I have done my homework. Nuclear fuel processing plants are not a major
>> concern given the distance to my property. I have checked the Cancer
>> stats for the area and there are no abnormalities that would cause
>> concern. Also, remember I lived in NJ the superfund capital of the
>> country. Anywhere is safer than that state. My house was surrounded by
>> two superfund sites there.

> Rocky Flats is not a Processing plant. It was a weapons plant after
> The concern is that there is a lot of contaminated soil on the property
> and
> snow melt leaches through the soil and into groundwater and/or water
> which flows
> into Stanley Lake or other surrounding water supplies.
> "Radioactive tritium was also released into the creeks on the plant
> site on several occasions, and entered the reservoir downstream. "

And again. Reading the documentation (as much weight as one can put on
it) states that the main exposure to humans accord when the site was in
operation and that was mainly airborne. Water represented a very low
risk. I would say that there is probably more "other" pollutants in the
water than radioactive materials.

The site has been remediated since closure. That's good enough for me.

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>>>>>Did you know that the area you are building your house in could be
>>>>>You're awfully close to Rocky Flats and the water around Golden is
>>>>>notorious for being contaminated with radioactivity.
>>>>Do you ever say anything positive?
>>>>I've already received the soil tests and everything is fine. I'll do a
>>>>second check for radon when the house is complete and put in the
>>>>necessary ventilation if it is positive. I've been there and done that.
>>>>NJ is notorious for radon.
>>>>As for the water, I'm not in the hills where I would be using well
>>>>water. It's city services and if it's radioactive, bring it on. I've
>>>>always wanted self luminescence.
>>>what is the bentonite content of the soil?

>>Ha! The real question for the Colorado Front Range is "What's the soil
>>content of the bentonite?" Terrible stuff.

> yep, it will crack your foundation right into pieces if you don't account
> for soil swelling in the build process.
> Bentonite is a kind of clay that's present in large quantities in many
> places in Rockies. It will easily absorb over 200 times it's weight in
> water.

Anyone on the infamous FFTF Death March a couple of years ago should be
pretty familiar with it!