NSW Big ride '06

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  1. Dear cyclists,

    On behalf of Bicycle New South Wales I would like to invite you to
    discover the scenic forest roads and lush river valleys of the Eastern
    Riverina Region of New South Wales, Australia by attending our Big Ride
    event on 25th February 2006.

    The Big ride '06 is a 9-day cycle tourism event concluding on the 5th
    of March 2006 and rolls through 8 rural towns in NSW. This is the 16th
    time this event has been run and it is becoming more popular every year
    with people coming from around the world to attend, this years event is
    expected to attract upwards of 1500 riders.

    The NSW Big ride is a great opportunity to experience the warm
    hospitality of Aussie towns, enjoy spectacular views and make many new
    In our host country towns you will enjoy activities and events
    specially put on by the locals to showcase their unique district. Taste
    the local produce, enjoy a street fair or tour the town with newfound
    friends. In the evening there's more - if you have the energy.
    Enjoy a movie, or dance the night away at the local pub.
    When in Tumba the Tumba-Fest's live music will be playing in the
    park, while all the excitement of the Boorowa Agricultural show and the
    world championship of vertical liquorice bowling held in Junee will
    also be a highlight.
    One thing is for sure there's never going to be a dull moment on the
    NSW Big ride!

    For more information about the big ride check out
    http://bigride.com.au/ or check out http://www.bicyclensw.org.au for
    more information about Bicycle NSW.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jesse Watson

    16th NSW Big Ride
    25 February to 5 March 2006
    Organised by
    Bicycle New South Wales Inc
    L5, 822 George St SYDNEY NSW 2000
    P: 02 9218 5400 F: 02 9281 6099
    E: [email protected]
    W: www.bigride.com.au