NTN bearing lubrication how to do


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Sep 22, 2014
As one of the import bearings, NTN bearing in the process of running at ordinary times, how to moderate the NTN bearing lubrication NTN bearing in the
maintenance and maintenance is also one of the important link that nots allow to ignore Clearance Of SKF Bearing,
in the slot, smooth oil by rotating belt, NTN bearing parts then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest in the .
1. The NTN bearing oil bath is smooth
Smooth is the NTN bearing oil bath in the ordinary way of smooth, suitable for low, medium speed, NTN bearing is smooth. The NTN bearing a partial immersion
middle of the roller.
2. The drip of NTN bearing is smooth
Drip smooth and suitable for the need to ration the NTN bearing parts, smooth oil drop of oil it is advisable to individual drop every 3 to 8 seconds, too
much oil will cause NTN bearing temperature increased.
3. The cycle of NTN bearing oil is smooth
Walks in oil pump will be filtered oil to the NTN bearing parts, through the NTN bearing smooth oil filter cooling after use. Because circulating oil can
take away heat, must make the NTN bearing cooling, therefore method suitable for NTN bearing components of high speed.
4. Spray of NTN bearing is smooth
With dry shrinkage by air sprayer and smooth oil mixed oil mist, radiation NTN bearing, can effectively make the NTN bearing cooling airflow and can avoid
intrusion. This method is suitable for high speed and low temperature NTN bearing parts is smooth.