Nuclear war with Iran imminent, men like you would rather destroy the world then spend time in priso

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  1. I predict, within 3 years, we will be engulfed in a nuclear war.

    If that is abated somehow, by say China interfering, the US will loose
    civil liberties, and dissolve into what the EU is now, but more stupid
    and mean, and with less freedom.

    As dumb as TExas, and the rest of the red states, as all the real
    talent will leave, is starting to leave.

    If you are thinking of having a child, don't, until the Bush Cheney
    group is out of office.


    And I have never said that before -- this is how critical the situation

    ANd they will kill me, essentially to keep themselves from going to

    All within the context of the game, of course.

    "Dungeons and Dragons -- out"

    Remember: Beat Iran !!!!!!!!

    BTW, as goofy as it sounds, this is a method of record keeping for the
    next great ape.....