Numb after a ride? find out how you can prevent it

Vicky Macklean

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Oct 31, 2017
Numbness is one of the most paralyzing effects that a hard ride can leave you with. It is uncomfortable, it leaves you feeling noting but tingles all over, and the feeling is not so wholesome. It begins with a little tingle on the pinky finger or on the big toe. It then picks up on you whole arm or foot, and before long, the entire leg is muffed numb. That means that for the rest of the day, yours will be to keep squirming. According to doctors, most of the numbness that occurs, is often a result of poor bike fit.

There are ways that you can adjust how you set up the bike, and that way, it won’t get any more painful.

The Feet
Riding around with the wrong footwear is the number one ill that can cause you dread when riding. The width and the height of the shoe should be the first point that you get concerned with when buying a riding shoe. When the shoe has more height, then it means that the arch will be taller. Shoes that are smaller than your feet will end up pinching the nerves at the ball of the foot, at the metatarsal arch. The arch if not buttressed properly will collapse, so you should be sure that you have sufficient support.

When the bike handle is too long, you may find that the extension created by the wrist is causing you a nerve pinch. For a proper bike fit on the hands, the elbows should bend slightly and the arms should have a perpendicular angle to the torso. It is also common that aluminum bike will often cause vibrations which lull your hands to numbness. Installing some dampers on the grip will help a lot in reducing the vibrations.

The wrong fit for a saddle can have a detrimental problem by shifting all your weight to the nerves and bloodvessels. This can cause severe numbing from the hips to the lower parts of the body. The best thing to get this right is to have a test ride on various fits, and find out which one is the best for you. You may also know that you have a condition which causes the restriction of blood from flowing to the legs, which is called iliac artery impingement.

The Groin
The perineal area, between your butt and groin, may sometimes be compressed when leaning forward on your saddle. This causes the perineal nerves to be compressed. This prevents normal blood flow. The first thing that you should do is to check the tilt of your saddle. The top should be in a parallel angle with the ground. This position is important as the weight will be distributed to your sit bones.

According to fit specialists, it is not always that numbness is caused by wrong bike fit. It is also not always that the numbness is treated by adjusting the fit of the bike. Some numbness may require medical attention. Numbness can at times result from a spinal problem that is yet to be detected. Spine problems which develop in the lumbar region, the result can be an extreme discomfort and numbness.

In conclusion, the first thing to do is to point out the place where you are feeling most numb. After you have pointed out your area of numbness, relate that numb part with the complementary position on your bike. After that, identify whether the fit of the Danish bike needs adjustment. If you realize that the fit is okay this should help you know that you may be having another problem which may need you to see a doctor.
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