Numb toes relief: Update

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Rorschandt, Jun 24, 2003.

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    A few days back I posted regarding the use of self adhesive metatarsal lifts w/Shimano sandals and
    BeBop pedals. I'm riding a Haluzak Hybrid Race. Today's ride revealed that I had the position of the
    right pad EXACTLY where it needed to be! A very slight tingling developed in the right foot about 50
    minutes into the ride, and then went away in a few minutes not to return. yay! The left foot
    however, suffered a similar fate as usual. Numbness and tingling began about 20 minutes in, I
    repositioned the pad, numbness "moved around" and eventually became painful about the time the right
    foot developed tingling. I dismounted from the bike as I had arrived at a nearby town to do an
    errand. Walked about for a few minutes, and as I did so nearly all numbness disappeared. Began
    riding(into the wind it seemed)and left foot numbness returned after about 20 minutes. The pads are
    an apparent success with the right foot. The left?? Can't seem to find the right position for the
    pad. arrgh.

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Thread Status:
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