Numbness in crotch area!



Raised my saddle a cm a few weeks ago, and started having numbness in the crotch area during my last few rides. I'm sure that I am sitting properly, so that is not the problem. Could it be my saddle? Should I go for a cut-out saddle? I currently use a Trimatic 1 saddle which is tilted down a degree or 2.

After riding, I always give my cojones a slight 'pat' to check if they're numb or not. I did this during  my last 2-3 rides and felt NOTHING! So I tried giving old ***** a slight squeeze, and I felt nothing too! I don't want to be fertile! I'm only 22 and I plan on having kids!

Is the Selle Italia Flight saddle any good? How about the Flgiht TT or Tans-Am?
Altwig mate poor you. I have had a similar problem see the topic "Sore Bum and other things" But i could certainly feel my crotch very much. hey dont let a few things like this discourage you from being a pro ;D, a real pro doesnt give up.

also you said you had your seat tilted down? I was told by the blokes in the bike shop the best angle is perfectly straight and no tilt. maybe if your seat is tilted this puts pressure on your private part which gets its blood flow then restricted this would explain your loss of sensation there?. This does not sound like a seat problem.

Hmm sounds like there are to many cars over there :( i just had my pump ran over by a car :-[ it fell of and a car flatend it :'(
NEVER raise your saddle that much the first time around. Saddle height adjustments should be made in maximum 5mm increments at a time. 1cm does not sound like much, but your 'saddle contact' area will surely know about it (as you have found out).
Have you had yourself measured by a pro bike shop and have your bike set up accordingly?

The Trans-Am is a good seat imho.
Is it just me, or does this site get slower after lunch?

Back to the topic.

I raised my saddle up a cm because it slowly went down a cm (w/o me noticing it right away), so I put it back up and tightened the seatpin some more.

I tilted the saddle down a bit because I read in a few websites that tilting it down relieves some pressure from your perineal area. So, level saddle or tilt it down? ???

Nicholas: there are TOO MANY cars over here. Definitely not a cycling friendly place (my city, at least). Wish I could earn enough money to travel to France and ride the TdF stages...especially Alpe d'Huez, Tourmalet, and Ventoux.
Is it just me, or does this site get slower after lunch?

Is it just this page or is it every site you visit?
Has anyone else noticed this?

Seems fine this side of the Indian Ocean. Response is quick.
It could have something to do with the way traffic is routed to that part of the world......maybe ???
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I'll keep an eye on it, this forum software is quite slow so it doesnt help  :(
It was fast this morning (we are 2 hours behind Australian time), but it slowed down after lunch (around 1 pm here, 3 pm there). Other websites still load quickly at this time. I just don't understand why it got slower after lunch.
Me either ???
If it continues could you let me know please

Id say straigh angle as iv tried tilted and its not good as u slide down the seat. your botom etc is not sore? just ur umm privates r numb? Admin whats ur opinion on seat angle?

also your seat height should be not to high. as this might be it too.
admin: well it's slow at times. Like when i loaded this page, it was not so slow (unlike a few hours ago). But still not as fast as this morning. I'll observe it a bit, since it is only this site that acts this way.

Nicholas: My seat is just about 2 inches above my stem, so I guess that's not too high. I tilted it down just a few degrees, and I don't feel like my butt is sliding down...although my butt hurts a lot the moment I finish my workout. It may be a 20, 30, 40 min. workout, but no matter what, my butt hurst 3-4 mins. before the workout finishes! Odd huh? Maybe it's psychological.

If I level the saddle, wouldn't that add more pressure to my 'privates'?
Thanks, I'm checking it out right now. Pretty informative stuff!
I've always found that having my seat "low and back" has been best for me. But as with everyhting, it doesn't suit everyone.

A level saddle is the way to go. I've got a Selle Italia Flite titanium and although it's quite hard, it's shape is perfect for me. Sometimes even though you've got a good saddle it may not be right for your shape bum. I know, I've tried plenty in my cycling lifetime.
I recently bought the Selle Italia Trans Am, where the middle part of the saddle is cut away. It doesn't look very comfortable, but the design makes a lot of sense. This is by far the most comfortable saddle I've ridden...and as a bonus, ensures that the 50 million little swimmers will still be able to march on :D
Yes, I've also got one of those Trans Ams on my other bike (a custom made Exocet). I find it just as comfortable as the Flite.
Thanks for the input guys. I already checked out the Trans Am Flite here in my country, but the price seems a bit too steep for me. I'm considering the Flite though. :)