Nutrition by Committee

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    "Independent scientists" can't seem to agree on basic nutritional


    Go easy on sweetened food and beverages. Added sugar proved
    the most contentious issue at the meetings. The discussion
    was so heated that it was tabled for a day so that members
    could review the scientific literature. Even then, experts
    who read the same studies drew different conclusions. Bottom
    line: Food and drink with added sugar is often lower in
    healthy nutrients and higher in calories, but does it fuel
    the obesity epidemic? The committee members couldn't agree.
    But they noted that sugared beverages, such as soft drinks,
    "are not as well regulated" by the body as calories in the
    solid form, meaning that you may consume more than you
    realize without feeling full.


    Kind of a no brainer, but it sure seems to be straining
    their brains though.