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Nov 4, 2016
Hey Cycling Forums - Happy November :)

I've been looking to gain more insights into cyclists and their current nutritional & supplement usage. My career has been in the Nutritonal Industry and while I've developed hundreds of products that are on shelves today getting further insights as to current usage and needs of cyclists is very helpful. Your likes / dislikes / reasons for taking etc.

As an FYI while I'm very familiar with all endurance related products on the market I'm not affiliated with any brands, nor am I trying to sell anything. Any feedback and insights would be great.

Here are some questions for you:
What is your current nutritional regime you currently use ? Preride, postride, during races.

Do you take any supplements ? (Pre-workouts drinks / whey protein / creatine / other ) If so which ones? Why do you take them ? How did you learn about them? Have they made a difference ? If so how?

If you have not used any supplements why not ? (Example: Limited knowledge, don't know what to take, nervous about supplements, don't feel they're safe etc.).

If you've used supplements is there a form factor you have a preference for ?
Tablet, capsule, powder. Or if it doesn't matter then please indicate.

I really really appreciate your feedback
If you want to send your reply to my email that's fine as well it's: [email protected]
Thanks so much
Rob H
For awhile I used recovery bars immediately on getting home from my 16-mile commute.
I'm kinda inclined to think there was a benefit from that.
Gives more energy for the evening if I restock on arrival.
For long MTB XC races I do a bit of carbo loading and something to prevent cramps.
Don't notice much from the carbs actually.
Cramping does get a bit better if I manage to top up on magnesium and bicarbonates, but it's still an issue.
Post-race isn't a problem.
If it's a big event there's usually something provided that'll do fine.
Gainomax has been a returning sponsor of the events that I do.
Otherwise, I'll just guzzle some milk or youghurt and be done.
Oh, and due to some medical history I do take some painkillers/anti-inflammatory pills during and after a race to help with performance and recovery.
Starting that medication early means I can get off it much faster than if I wait until the issues have solidly introduced themselves.
From the standpoint of an average cyclist; which I know you said racers, but there are a lot of non racers reading this and think they need to take expensive supplements that simply for the most part are not needed, neither are daily multi vitamins if your eating balanced meals.

I believe for the average cyclist supplements is not necessary again as long as they have a proper diet (I repeated this twice because I think it's important), of course someone who is racing at any level would benefit from taking LEGAL supplements. I'm now just an average cyclist, I haven't raced in almost 30 years, so the only time I will ever use a mild supplement is on long rides of over 50 or 60 miles and it consist of one water bottle with Cytomax Sports Performance mix diluted about half of the recommended dosage (and of course another bottle with just water); also on those same long rides I will make a GU flask of black cold brewed coffee and sip on that during the ride; and I take along a protein meal supplement bar (or 2) called Met Rx Big 100 Colossal bar. When I return home from a long ride I then will eat a post ride protein bar.

Again, this is just an opinion, and is for only average cyclists who are not racing or in a very fast group of riders.
I'm not a racer.

I wouldn't say I use any supplements, although I will put e-Load in my water bottles and I'll eat a Cliff bar or two on a longer ride.

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