NYPD Seeks Injunction to Stop Critical Mass

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    =v= Today the New York City police filed a request for an
    injunction to stop this Friday's Critical Mass ride. Documents
    uploaded to the "Files" section of the CM Yahoo! Group:


    (you must subscribe to the group to read them) and to the
    the NYC Indymedia site (no subscription necessary):


    =v= This was in part a response to a previous request for an
    injunction to stop the police from cutting locks and seizing
    bikes, which they have done during the last two Critical Mass
    rides in New York City.

    =v= My personal take on this is that the requests are full of
    lies. The August Critical Mass was huge because it was a few
    days before the Republican National Convention. They NYPD made
    indiscriminate mass arrests and are now attacking the ride to
    make it seem as if they had a nonpolitical reason to.

    =v= The ride sizes in the timeline they depict is inaccurate, as
    are the claims about impact on traffic and emergency vehicles.