Octalink vs ISIS longevity


Matt O'Toole

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 19:14:09 +0000, Zog The Undeniable wrote:

> RS wrote:
>> Many have described ISIS as a solution looking for a problem. I've had a
>> couple of ISIS BB go crunchy fairly quickly (500-1000) miles but
>> admittedly they were low end. Octalink BB have the same size spindle as
>> ISIS, so there is the same limited room for bearings. Do Octalink
>> brackets share the same shortcomings as ISIS seem to? thanks to all . .

> I haven't destroyed an Octalink one yet, and I get through the standard
> Shimano cartridges very quickly. However, the LH crank really does
> loosen in use, as Jobst has pointed out.

It does for me too.

I also find the Octalink splines a pain to get the crank
properly aligned on. I've seen a few cranks ruined because of this --
people rode on cranks that weren't on right.

Matt O.