off road roadies?

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by OzCableguy, Jan 15, 2006.

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    OzCableguy wrote:
    > What's with this pic -
    > Anyone done this ride? Is it all paved or something perhaps?
    > 98kms is a bit on the short side for a couple of days holiday but I could
    > stretch it out (with lots of eating and drinking) I reckon. ;-)

    It's the Ovens valley rail trail. Nice ride - rode it a few years back
    on an MTB, but it's fine on a roady. Light gravel surface on hardpack
    mostly, nothing you need tread for anyway. Lots of roadies ride it all
    the time.

    More info here :
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    Photo was shot with blue screen out in Arizona.
    See how the shadows don’t match up….
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    > Photo was shot with blue screen out in Arizona.
    > -See how the shadows don't match up..-

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    > Marx SS

    The pic looks like the view north from the top of the Tawonga Gap, although
    I wouldnt swear to it. Great riding from Albury to Bright via Yackandandah
    and Mt Beauty and the Tawonga Gap, and no rail trails in sight. Stick to the
    road up to Beechworth too as the rail trail is a killer constant incline for
    15 km or so, no rest anywhere and nothing but bloody gum trees to look at!
    The Old Convent in 'Worth has a flat to rent which is good for bike groups.