Off season/home (indoor recumbant) bike suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by algavinn, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    While I've perused the forum before while trying to get myself back into a serious cycling habbit again through injuries, hospital visits, and business, I haven't posted before. In part by that, I think this is the most ideal section for this, my apologies if I am in error.

    I already have my road bikes, but am looking to buy a bike for training indoor (not just an attachment to use my own bike inside), specifically a recumbant. So here I am hoping one of you can help me with some suggestions and tips. I've been looking at a proform 290 or a schwinn 220 as something that is fairly cheap but will offer me good back support, comfort of adjustable seating, etc. and most importantly a full range of resistance and quality craftsmanship that will last.

    I am trying to work with a budget for the moment, but would greatly appreciate hearing any tips or suggestions about which particular bikes you have for home use, would suggest I look into, how to go about picking one, etc.

    Thank you all in advance.