Official unlimited rain appreciation thread



Finally! After four months of trying, I finally was able to ride in pouring rain yesterday. What a blast! I honestly find riding in the rain MORE enjoyable than riding when it's not raining.

;D :) :D
Haa haa haa.....

Great I have just missed two serious downpours lately. I got home just as it started on Wednesday and the other time was about three weeks ago. Hell of a thunderstorm on both occasions followed.

Years ago about 5 of us went for a training ride and we were about 3 kilos out of town when this rain started. We went on to ride another 120 kilos in nonstop rain. Some of the way we had mist and fog too. Must say it was not fun by the halfway mark as we realised that it was getting worse and probably would not clear up. We got home soaked and freezing. Even my rain jacket didn't help in the end as the water just soaked right through it.

Done a few races in the rain too, bit tense as you cant really draft with all the water coming up from the wheel in front.

Nah just give me dry weather..... No rain for me thank you.... ;D ;D
I once did a race in KZN (South Africa) which was in heavy mist. Everything was wet, but it was awesome.
I will be returning this year to do it again, as it is one of my favourite races (Amashova, for those living in SA)
The fog is something else.  Very limited visibility.  You don't know how far behind or how far in front you really are.   :p :p
I actually like fog too. I've done some riding in the mountains in the Gold Coast hinterland in REALLY dense fog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, I mean, when you get as much sunshine as we do up here, you welcome the occasional change.
Here is one I did last year. One of our local races. It was pouring with rain at the start as seen in some of the pictures. I had a bad race that day because of the rain. Missed the break at the start cause I was not standing with the other riders at the start. I was under a shelter keeping dry and ended up riding out about 10 seconds before the start. I ended up getting stuck behind a car on the pavement as everyone went past. You see the car on one of the pics at the start, it is the maroon VW Polo Classic... Problem was it was muddy too and I got a bit stuck in it.....

See the pics here
I'm not to sure about mist.

Back last year I woke up early for work so instead of cycling straight to work decided to go out of my way for a longer ride and took one of the local trails.

Unfortunately the trail is flanked by trees for most of the distance and as a result the early morning mist (6am) was still hanging around, I didn't feel to bad a bit cold but nothing much else.

By the end of the day my chest was in a bad way and I was laid low for about a week, that early morning mist can really screw you up, so I now try to keep out of it.

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