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  1. [Hello everyone, I apologize for the massive cross post, I've tried to stick
    to groups I thought might have an interest. Feel free to forward to anyone
    whom might have an interest, or to contact me with questions about things
    other than the seminars]

    Introduction to Sword Fighting

    Saturday's April 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th, 2005 from 1pm until 3pm
    (Final Registration starts 12:30pm on the 2nd)

    This series of seminars will introduce the student to sword fighting for fun
    & combat.
    This will cover a mix of combative techniques and modern swordplay for fun,
    movies and defense with varied sword sizes.

    Topics to include introduction to:
    Stances (Classical and Modern)
    Drawing the sword (removing the sword from it's sheath)
    Basic Strikes, Cuts and thrusts from Classical and Modern sword styles
    Blocking and Parrying
    Partner Contact drills (a fun yet safe speed)
    Combat techniques

    10+ Hours of fun yet intense Instruction

    Each day will be a mixture of theory and practice.
    No experienced required, and a very good workout. Open to men and woman 18
    and over (gym age requirement)

    Cost: $150 for All 5 Saturdays. (Only $150 total, not $600) (Cash at Door)
    Includes: one Shinai and one Bokken (one bamboo and one wooden, practice
    sword, which you get to keep).

    Non-Gym(24/7 Fitness) Members are welcome to attend, but must pay gym's
    daily entrance fee each session. ($15 per day - $225 total) This will also
    allow you to use the gym facilities during that 24 hour period(Showers,
    Pool, Hottub, sauna, steam room, weights, etc..)

    http://godemperor.antico-intl.com/Sword Fighting - April 2005.pdf
    <-- Flyer with pictures.

    Class strictly limited to 24 Students - Sign up early to avoid missing out.

    Preregistration fee is $25 (approx cost of materials) payable by check,
    money order or Paypal. Cash at Door.

    If you register before march 1st, save $10 off total. Also if you and a
    friend sign up together, it's $10 off each(This will stack with the early
    registration fee as well($20 off).
    Seminar held at 24/7 Fitness, 325 Bainbridge street, Philadelphia, PA

    (if you aren't in the area, but would like to participate in this seminar or
    a similar one, contact me, we can arrange private or group sessions at
    reasonable rates)

    Contact information:
    [email protected] - Upcoming seminars on website.

    www.ModernKenjutsu.com www.PhillyKenjutsu.com