OFM Classic


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Jan 24, 2002
So who else was there?<br /><br />It was an awesome race - the registration was well marked, the marshalling was superb, there were about 5 million cops out on the road, the start was well controlled, the neutral zone was actually neutral - all in all a superb race.<br /><br />My only critisism was the finish - there was a 90 degree left turn in the last 150m - how thick is that - it's inviting crashes (apparently Anriette and Dianne almost came down leaving the finish line wide open for Ronelle).<br /><br />Well down Jeff Howes who soloed to victory with 5km to go!<br /><br />ps: they lied - Bloemfontein really is flatter than a pancake - the two 'hills' were about 200m long - pretty similar to Kyalami....<br /><br />
Great Race! I’ll be there again next year. The left turn at the end was bad, but the worst had to be the super narrow bridge (only wide enough for one car to pass through) with all the gravel and on top of that it was around a corner :eek:. When you have 100 cyclists trying to squeeze into such a narrow space only bad things can happen.
<br />Ah yes - forgot about that bridge. Was the white bakkie parked on the right to 'channel' the cyclists there when you went through?<br /><br />There was little or no warning about the bridge.....
Yip a white Opel Corsa Utility. What bunch did you start in ?
<br />I started in the first open group at 07H50.<br /><br />The late start was quite pleasant - only because the sun wasn't too strong. Reckon we would have suffered if the golden ball blazed.
I also started in that group. I agree the weather was marvellous, hope we're that lucky on Cycle Challenge Sunday ;)
Did you stick around for the hectic bunch sprint at the end?<br /><br />The bunch kinda whittled down and there were 20 of us at the end that all wanted to get through the last corner first....interesting to say the least.....<br /><br />Bring on Cycle Challenge Sunday!! Are you doing the Coca Cola ride this Sunday?<br /><br />
No unfortunately not I dropped out at about 85km mark (injured my knee in the Amashova and it came back to haunt me) :'( That must have been one helluva finish!!<br /><br />Nope will unfortunately not be doing the Coca Cola. Jaco, Vo2 and myself are going to do the 94.7 route this Sunday, excluding the highway sections of course ;D<br />
I did the 94.7 route (or part of it) with Club 100 on Sunday. we are in for a tough time - the wind, the hills, the litter on the streets. Be on the look out for an expansion gap the bridge on william Nicol just before the republic turn off. Works like a railway track and we had a massive crash there during the ride. Just hope that is covered on the day of the race else there will be much grief.
I've spoken to Race Office and the ladies there assured me that there will be conveyor belts over that section of the road, so we need not worry.<br />Are you joining us on Sunday, BK?
Depends on how I feel. Presently, I think I will be riding the coca cola ride, however on the day ...