O'Grady and McGee at Herne Hill


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Feb 11, 2003
Stuart O'Grady and Brad McGee have confirmed that they will be taking on the Brits David Millar and Bradley Wiggins at Herne Hill Stadium on the 18th April 2003

Tickets and Information are available from www.hernehillcycling.com
O'Grady & McGee add fireworks to Good Friday meet

If Bradley Wiggins and David Millar were expecting an all-UK showdown in this year's Good Friday track meet at Herne Hill, London, April 18, they're in for a surprise. Two of Australia's top riders will be lining up for what's set to be a fiery event.

Commonwealth Games and Australian road champion Stuart O'Grady (Credit Agricole) and current world pursuit champion Brad McGee (fdjeux.com) will also be on the start line for Herne Hill's unique 10 Minute Pursuit race.

Neither O'Grady nor McGee have ridden track in the UK except in their Australian colours and both are really looking forward to taking on two of Britain's best roadmen. Wiggins, the 1998 World Junior Pursuit Champion, has plenty of track experience, but Millar has never having raced on the track before. As Millar says, "It's going to be pretty cool racing Stuart and Brad on the track in the UK, whether I am up to the job remains to be seen!"

"This really is the dream race," said organizer Graham Bristow on hearing the news that the four riders were confirmed. "It should be a really special event at what is already a great day." The Good Friday Meeting is in its centenary year and the roadmen are just the icing on the cake of what is going to be a feast of great track racing. The track stars attending on the day are yet to be confirmed although there is considerable interest from both the UK and Australian track champions as well as riders from the rest of Europe.

The 100th Good Friday Meeting takes place on April 18 from 11.00am until around 5.30pm at Herne Hill Stadium, Burbage Road, London SE24. For enquiries about entry please contact Graham Bristow on 020 8776 2779. For information about tickets and pricing see www.hernehillcycling.com.

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