Ohio 3' passing law takes effect today

About time. Now let us see how many people in Ohio know how to measure.
You know, JH...I honestly expect zero difference in how 99.99% of vehicle operators treat cyclists in the future. I got buzzed this afternoon by a semi. The driver 'should' have 'could' have slowed a little and timed his pass so not as to crowd me.

I expect to be crowded again in the near future.

Still, A sincere thank you! for what you and all the other safety advocates have done to try and keep us all safe. If your efforts save a life or prevent an injury it will have been time well spent. Pour yourself a bourbon! You and the people at LAB and all the volunteers and letter writers and lobbyists for our cause have earned it!

Maybe we can work on the loose mutt issue next! You and I have both went down hard after colliding with a dog in the last three years. You got the worst of that!
Leash laws already exist but are seldom enforced until after the fact. Owners should be placed on a short leash for a week following each violation.
Ohio and 'dogs running at large'...don't get me started! A Newfoundland...a mutt...and that Lab that got me three years ago. They're everywhere.

I've come close with deer and actually crashed over a suicidal groundhog (broken bone in the hand). We need airbag lycra kind of like that weird Swedish inflatable coat/helmet thing.
Inflatable Swedish items ? Huh, that could cover a lot of territory.
An article on the new 3' law even made the local small town newspaper...circulation of a thousand to two thousand readers. I was impressed. There are very few cyclists in this area.
I don't know how much weirder it could get than this...


But, I'll take your word for it!

If they can come up with a self-deploying (accelerometer technology, I'm guessing) helmet that pops out of a scarf-like thingie, I would think jerseys and shorts could be designed to 'air bag' my skinny ass in event of flipping over muttly.
Gee another law to protect cyclists that the cops don't and won't enforce. We've had that law here in Indiana for a couple of years, and I can't count the number of times that space was violated, even while cops were watching, in fact I've seen cops violate it.
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Me also but we have to try. Those pesky signs about speed, stopping etc also get ignored but as I stated, we have to try.
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As I said, I don't see much changing. Like JH said, we have to try.
I hate to think outside the box, but personally I would think law enforcement would be more concerned about protecting cyclists since it doesn't take very much to kill one, whereas in a car it takes a good whack to do that. So instead of trying to find car speeders go after motorists that do things against cyclists that could endanger them. Just last week a motorist turned right in front of me for which I had to hit the brakes hard, a cop was behind the motorist, I yelled at the motorist which I'm sure the cop heard, the cop just kept going straight. I guess if I had bounced off the car the cop may have looked for about 30 seconds then kept going!