Oil change on Marzocchi air forks


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Apr 19, 2004
I have a set of Marzocchi Z2 Sport Air Bomber forks (no springs)made in 2001. While the Marzo website tech manual is very specific about oil height, type (synthetic external oil bath 7.5 weight) they don't say much about the actual proceedure of changing the oil. This is what I THINK I'm supposed to do:
1.Release the air pressure.
2.Unscrew the stanchon caps.
3.Invert bike and pump the sliders up and down to get the oil out.
4.Return the bike to upright, compress the forks fully and add oil to the proper height.
5.Re-cap and pressurize.

Does this sound correct? Please advise me as to any changes, as I have never done a fork oil change on a bicycle.