Ok girls - just how many of us are there here?


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Apr 25, 2002
Hi everyone, I just thought initally it would be nice to know exactly how many of us females post on cyclingforums.com, so why not post a small introduction each to get things started?<br /><br />Ok heres me:<br />22, Live in Sydney Australia, will be riding mostly sprint track events. Hobbies apart from cycling - Horse riding, and going to the gym, coaching my boyfriend (athletics) and rnb music.<br /> ;D
I think it's just you and me sista.<br /><br />29.<br />accountant by day.<br />usually asleep by night.<br />mountain biker with a road bike for getting my **** into shape.<br />gym in the am - done lots of research on nutrition et al
[quote author=ness link=board=41;threadid=2568;start=0#22069 date=1036128907]I just thought initally it would be nice to know exactly how many of us females post on cyclingforums.com[/quote]<br /><br />Well, it seems I only post here to admit I'm just a lurker. Can't let you two have all the fun though. ;D<br /><br />34 :eek:, also live in Sydney, but a looong way from Engadine ;) and I'm not a cyclist (yet) anyway. Interested, particularly now it's nice weather, but no time at the moment. By day, I'm a software engineer and the office smarta***. By night too (it goes with the profession ;D).
Still another one to add to the list.....<br /><br />18<br />Johannesburg, South Africa but I spend the racing season in Switzerland<br /><br />Internet, movies, Rock music, also reading up on a bit of nutrition or other cycling related things.<br /><br />PS Great idea to have this female section!
Dianne, if I may ask. Are you THE Dianne? Like in OFM Classic? Like in top 3 ladies? Like in pro?
<br />Yip VO2 thats me!<br />I wouldnt quite say THE Dianne though!<br />Did you race OFM?<br />
Well, well, well! Our first pro lady cyclist on board! ;D<br />Nope, I missed the OFM. My training has only started now, so I chose the Amashova the weekend before as a tester of form. Quite an OFM you had, eh?<br /><br />I'm glad you are onboard, Dianne, as you can be a wealth of information, especially to our members of the fairer sex.
Congratulation with your "Female Road Cyclist of the year" award nomination. We need new competition in the female races.
[quote author=Dianne link=board=41;threadid=2568;start=0#22249 date=1036608368]<br /><br />Yip VO2 thats me!<br />I wouldnt quite say THE Dianne though!<br />Did you race OFM?<br /><br />[/quote]<br /><br />Dianne,<br /><br />Good to have you on board - even better to have you in the SA cycling community! It's about time someone climbed in and interrupted the Ronelle and Anriette show.<br /><br />Take the fight to the pair and give them a hiding in the 94.7<br /><br />ps: what happened in the OFM? I believe you and Anriette almost came to grief and let Ronelle through in the corner...
<br />Yeah i wish i could really rock their world! Iv been close but still no cigar...........<br />but all is not over yet. We shall see what happens on sunday!<br />I just need to get my tactics in the sprint right. I am really slipping up lately in that department.<br /><br />The OFM Ronel was clever, she quickly realised what was hapenning with the two of us (i was boxed in the middle and Anriette was coming into me, she got a huge fright though, an even bigger than me) and ciezed the moment. She just took both of us on the inside. Everyone knew the first through the corner would win.<br /><br /><br />
Thats was a pretty dodgy finish. They should have had the finish along the road where you turned right off the main road.<br /><br />The thing I used to battle with when I was young(er!) was cracking - everybody would be eyeing each other out from about the 2km mark and I would always crack first, lead out the sprint and get the 'fly by' treatment 150m from the line. I learned quickly but sprinting against the likes of Willie Engelbrecht and Fransie Kruger was pretty daunting (especially when they rode on the same team).<br /><br />The older I get the faster I was!!!!
<br />WOW, i can just imagine what it must have been like! You must have still been a junior then racing those big boys?<br /><br />I think the sprint must defintely be something that ones masters after alot of practice.....This weekend i will have to try be more patient i think and make sure im not first wheel coming through that last corner onto the track.<br /><br />I see in your profile you were in London? How long were you there for? What were u doing over there?
I raced against them for 3 or 4 years. 1 year as a junior the rest as a senior. We had a little bike shop racing team that kinda progressed into a licensed team. Ah the good old days....<br /><br />I was actually in Cheshire in the north west of the UK (near Liverpool and Manchester). My company sent me over for 17 months. It was awesome - not only the country and the people but I got to ride a 5 day stage race in Ireland, several criteriums and road races in England and even the Etap du Tour! It was a pretty cool experience but it's even better to be home. Viva long summers viva!
Hi<br /><br />I am just joining in here. Only been cycling for a cuople months now. Not very good. Had a very bad race on Sunday and feeling a bit like throwing the bike away :)
[quote author=Mel link=board=41;threadid=2568;start=15#22922 date=1037863698]<br />Hi<br /><br />I am just joining in here. Only been cycling for a cuople months now. Not very good. Had a very bad race on Sunday and feeling a bit like throwing the bike away :)<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Mel,<br />don't throw your bike away, keep riding and keep having fun. In some respects it gets easier as you improve, and you *will* improve as long as you keep riding and training.<br /><br />Sometimes it can help to get in touch with a coach, who will objectively be able to pinpoint why the race didn't go as well as you wanted, and set you up with some goals and good training.<br /><br />Remember as well, that if you've only been riding for a couple of months things will rapidly improve, BUT, you may be asking too much of yourself in the initial stages, i.e., you may need a few more months under your belt before racing.<br /><br />Hang in there it gets better, and always enjoy it<br />Ric
Thanks for your encouragement. I need it. The confidenceis very low at the moment. trying to go on an easy ride on Sunday,if I canfind someone to go with me.<br />
Mel,<br /><br />try not to be disheartened, you're doing well. Racing is really hard and can take a while to get the hang of. There's also quite a skill to it as well -- riding closely together in a bunch, and you definitely need to practice this, and learn to follow wheels properly.<br /><br />Try to meet up with some other ladies in your area, and get a group of you together for training. Is there a local coach who can organise some skill sessions, or an experienced female racer who can help out in your area?<br /><br />Keep pedalling and enjoying it, i've been racing for 18-yrs now (oh my!) and i still enjoy it as much now as i did when i first started. <br /><br />Ric
Thanks Ric,<br />I do battle to ride in a group and thus far have only done races by myself. Unfortunately the people I practice with are guys who are much stronger than me, so they are only really keen to ride with me if they are on a recovery ride. I am now on the look out for some girls that will ride with me. <br />I don't think I will give it up, I really do enjoy it too much. But I do need to find some people with the same strength as me...<br />Have also decided to give MBT a try, something different to do.<br />