Ok, Who Rode In The Snow Today?


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Sep 12, 2005

I cleaned the chain, detailed the bike and headed out in the 42° air and 13 to 17 MPH wind gusting to 25 MPH.

The dark blue sky did not threaten.

It rained a cold rain. And then it snowed.

You heard me.

On October 17, 2015 it freakin' snowed. On me.

I allowed a wry smile to cross my face and turned into the wind.

Next, a post by Volnix telling us how warm Greece is and that he worked up a good sweat today.
After that, Beanz will tell me how Cali is suffering through another hot spell and Gina was back in short sleeves for a ride to the beach.
Then JH will chide me about Tennessee getting up to 65° today with sunshine and how the golden leaves are just now starting to turn.

Meh! I need a toy hauler to get the Vette, a couple Harleys and a few bikes out of Ohio. NOW!
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Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
No snow here! :D

44 miles at 17.3 average on the tandem with Gina.



So this is how I record riders behind me at times. When I don't use the rear seat GoPro rail mount. This recorder is on a small tripod so I can pan around.