Old 105/Ultegra components to new frame


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Aug 24, 2012
I got such good help before, I'm going back to the well again. Thanks in advance!

My situation is this... I currently own a couple bikes, one of which I bought that turned out to be too small. Its a 2006 Trek 1500 and it turned out to be one of the few that got out of the factory with all Ultegra running gear and 105 brakes. I was set to sell it, but thought maybe I could strip the frame and reused the components on another fame. My problem is I am looking at one of the Nashbar Al/Carbon integrated frames and simply have no idea if my current equipment will work.

I'm mostly wondering if the bottom bracket/crank will work and can I use the Trek carbon fork from the 1500 with the Nashbar frame or should I just buy a new fork? I'm not too concerned with looks, just want something I can toss in the back of my truck or Jeep without worrying about it. I don't feel comfortable doing that with my primary bike.

I know this seems like a stab in the dark, but I'm just curious if one of the resident gurus can spit this out with little effort. If you don't know specifically but know the details of the Trek 1500 equipment, that would be equally helpful. I'm the neighbor mechanic, just new to wrenching on pedal bikes.

Thanks again for looking.
The 105 components will, of course, work. The crank and bottom bracket will work. It's likely the fork will work, but you need to check to see if the Nashbar frame accepts a 1 1/8" steerer or not to be sure. Why would you not sell the Trek frame with the Trek fork?
Thanks for the info! Thats good to hear. I'll check on the sizes.

Regarding the fork, other then not having to buy a new one, there is no reason really. I'm not positive I'm going to sell the 1500 frame. Corny I know, but its a Discovery Channel edition and would make a nice colorful decoration for my garage wall. I know,... I'm a poser...

Thanks again for the info! You must be the resident guru. You've answered both my posts so far!