Old Avanti Corsa pro and upgrade question - should i do it?


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Aug 17, 2003
Hi All

I have an older (pre 2000) Avanti Corsa with Shimano 600 8 speed. love this bike and is fantastic. Just joined a social riding group and these guys have got flashy $4000 + bikes and got me wondering.

I cannot afford more than $2k so if I was to buy a new bike with say 105 running gear (10 speed) would I notice a big difference or have I just got the itch to buy a new bike?

I only social ride so no racing etc and my Avanti decked out with pedals wattle bottle cages, computer and lights touch out at 9kg.

After your thoughts. What I am getting it is I don't want to get a new bike for the sake of it and waste a couple of thousand dollars.