Old bikes for sale - valuation?

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Any ideas on how much I should ask for these in the local freeads paper?

A well used Trail Bike (er...looks like a 50/50 compromise between a tourer and a mountain bike, has
been great for urban riding as very robust and reliable).

Raleigh Trail 2000 Trail Bike 3 years old, has been used regularly for 3 mile commute all that time
Basically in sound condition, saddle a little tatty, paintwork a bit tatty too, and no front
mudguard fitted (there is a back one). Straight bars, twist-grip gear change 18 gears, 700 wheels
with slightly-treaded tyres (not knobbly)

And a mothballed-for-ages standard old-fashioned gent's racer, with no mudguards.

Falcon Race 12 Gent's racer, 12 gears White 700 wheels, narrow & slickish road tyres New saddle (gel
racing saddle) Brakes are a bit grabby - need adjusting. All other features fine. Looks quite smart.

I don't know the frame sizes - where is the measurement taken?

I need to clear these out. I was thinking 25 quid each as both are serviceable bikes that could be
great with a little adjustment here and there.

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, CLogicRogerC wrote:

> Any ideas on how much I should ask for these in the local freeads paper?

Really all you can do is look at other local ads, since demand will vary so much around the country.
Around Oxford you might get forty quid for a working bike with lock, or sixty for one with lock and
lights in good condition, at the right time of year. Most recently the ads have asked for 30 quid
including lock, though.
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