Old campy c record worth anything


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Jul 30, 2017
In 1987 I bought an Alan carbon lugged frame with all campy wheels, shifts, cranks, and delta brakes. The lugged frame has met its demise. I know the delta brakes are worth something, but what about all the other components. I just want to be fair, I'm not 35 anymore, but wish to know a reasonable price for the components.
Yes. Old C-Record is definitely worth putting on eBay. For current prices, just do an an eBay search.
I sold a bunch of 80's and 90's Record and C-Record stuff about a decade ago for a nice price. Spend a bit of time researching prices and stick to your guns. I'd go with Campag related message boards and things like Craigslist where you can name your price rather than dumping your stuff on an auction website.
Thanks, campybob, you've been at this a while, I appreciate.
This stuff is used by people who restore older bikes to their original condition and all of this campy stuff in good condition is worthwhile.