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    In around four months I turn 65. Tuesday I have an appointment with a heart surgeon to talk about possible solutions to the problems I'm having with getting enough oxygen to my muscles. Even when my heart is beating fairly normal (for me) long hard efforts cause my heart to start skipping beats, making it even harder to get oxygen to my muscles or, worse, I go into AFIB. Open heart surgery sounds pretty drastic to me. Hoping there are some choices that are less invasive.
    Before I undergo any procedures, and after, I'd like to maximize my workouts. Working nearly ten hours a day and the risk of setting off arrhythmia or AFIB, kind of limits my efforts, making it even more important that I concentrate on the most effective training.
    To this end I did a little searching on the web. There seems to be a consensus that including weight training and short duration, high intensity workouts will give me the best results. I've been doing a lot of interval training all along. I used to do a lot of weight training, but got away from that. Time to hit the gym again.
    One video I came across made me a little angry. Some young guy, who knows nothing about what it's like to grow old, claimed it was just bull crap that older people can't still ride as well as when they were young. I wish I could be around when he's sixty to see what he has to say about it then. Look, only a moron would thing that an 80 year old could compete in the Tour de France. To think that there aren't intermediary stages just doesn't make sense. It is well documented that you lose muscle mass and your VO2 max goes down as you age, starting at around 30 or 40. Can some people ride like a cycling machine at 40? Certainly. Can anyone that is training right and hard at 30, ride as well at 60. No one on the planet. Everyone, I mean every single human being on the planet, grows old slowly. They don't hammer up Pikes Peak at 75, then die of old age at 80. It just doesn't work that way.