Old, old bikes?


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Feb 11, 2008
Anyone into old bikes? I was lucky enough to rescue what turns out to be an old Indian Camleback bike, I guess around the turn of the century. I started doing some research but wanted to see if there are any collectors/restorer or people who just like old bikes!
I like old bikes but I'm not into old, old bikes. If it pre-dates me, that is getting too old, but then I am kind of old too. Mostly I like bikes from the early 1970's through the 90's. These are the bikes that I raced with and against and love to see one of the aged warriors lovingly restored to its former glory. Most of my bikes are old, with down tube shifters and single pivot brakes. The only road bike of mine that has brifters is a 2003 Raleigh and it is sort of my daily ride. Most of my other bikes are late 80's except for one old 1967 Raliegh frame that has been franken-biked quite a few times, most recently with first generation Shimano Dura Ace components with the Shimano Crane RD. I just got done refurbing a 1986 Centurian Iron Man Expert to original condition (had to buy a vintage set of brakes off eBay to get the correct cable adjuster that was missing from the original brake). I took the fork to Home Depot and gave the guy in paints fits trying to match the color for touchups.
Yes I always thought old bikes were from the 70's-80's which says something about my age also, my old Pinerello's only upgrade is new peddles to fit modern shoes, my feet wouldn't fit into the old black leather shoes I had in college :(. My daily ride is a modern Ridley but I want to built a ss/fix. When I came across the Indian I couldn't let it go to the scrap yard and now I know what old really is. I have seen plenty of old bike like all of us but never thought I would have one nor thought there would be any that old still sitting around in someones barn/shed, too bad it wasn't an old porsche spyder!:D
my only road bike is a 1978 Puegeot that i converted to a fixie about 2 months ago... i just got in about 3 hours ago from trying to fix it after the chainring and bottom bracket crapped out... i think i can make it last long enough to have somebody else pay for it :) i had to take it apart and do some improvising due to a lack of tools and work facilities... i love that bike, 1978!! :)
Im into old bikes vintage bikes Ive own bikes from 1918 on My main ride has been an 85 Fiori. full dura-ace.