Old School Road Bike: Atlantis Spectrum Road Bike - Anybody heard of these?


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Jan 30, 2013
Hello there,

I've bought this road bike, but I have no idea of the brand/history.
Supposedly it's 15-20 years old and the origins came from the Bike Barn in Parramatta NSW
It comes with Shimano Tourney derailleurs (entry level road bike I guess).

Any information/opinions would be great

Here are the pictures:

Hi, I'm new on this site so please be kind in response to my ignorance about cycles in general, though I have done a bit of reading lately so I am at least aware of the market. But I can't find out anything about my bike, an old school Atlantis Sport, and this post is the first time I have actually come across a similar bike, at least the Atlantis sticker on the frame tube is the same, and it was sold through a distributor in Sydney.
It has Shimano SIS 6 speed cassette and the rear rim is a velocity brand alloy, and Hsinlung HL alloy drop bars. The odd thin is that the seat was printed with Raleigh on it's side, though it is a velo product, but I am unsure if it is the original seat.
I ride this bike most days as part of keeping fit and I really like it, and every thing works perfectly on it, my estimate is that it's possibly a 1983/4 model according to the time of release of the SIS system, so yeah I'm after some info as well. and when I find out a bit more I'll post it here. Cheers Giancarlo.
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