Old style frame fit Pump wanted.


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Dec 29, 2004
I'm restoring a "24 TEAM Raleigh.

I've done it to ride (if only on sunny days) so it's got 700c wheels and old skool Shimano 600 (all I can afford too).
I'm wanting to get a retro (or at least retro looking) frame fit pump that goes between the bottom bracket and the top tube.

Back in the 80s when I had my first TEAM Raleigh that sort of pump is all we had.
That's when I could race 160kms on the one bottle of water (we knew nothing!).

That's a nice bike and deserving of a retro pump; so try this place: http://www.yellowjersey.org/silca.html The Silca Impero is a nice light weight pump that would have been found on racing bikes back then, but they were a bit fragile and care must be taken when pumping to make sure you don't bend the pump while pumping. They do come in a assortment of colors to match or contrast your bike, and some places even have them with a chrome finish. Also the original Impero came with a Campy head, those are expensive to buy

Then there's the Zefal and the Topeak pumps, the Zefal was carried frequently back in the 80's by people who wanted a more rugged pump to beat dogs with or in case it fell off the frame it would survive; see: http://www.yellowjersey.org/hpx.html But the Zefal is a close representation of the original look whereas the Silca is exact except for the plastic head.

Once you see the pump you want do a web search and see if someone else has it for less, Yellow Jersey tends to be pricey but sometimes their the only ones that will have what you need.
I carried an old Silca Impero on my carbon Felt, like the anachronism I am. But my Giant doesn't have enough clearly defined edges to make a decent fit.

The Impero is clearly the pump to have. If you can get a steel Campagnolo head for it, it becomes quite the formidable weapon against vicious dogs. And muggers, should you fall off the back in Central Park. Back in the day builders painted them to match their frame colors.
I would never use the Impero for a dog weapon, the plastic body is not designed to take impacts with or without the campy head. I own a Impero I bought new in 81 with the campy head, but before I got the one I have now I had another, it was used for a dog weapon and it broke the plastic body. I've know people who broke the body just from it falling off the bike while riding (which is a good reason to secure the pump with a velcro strap about mid way as added insurance). If you want a dog club you need to get the Zefal, or the Topeak, or even the Blackburn frame pump.
Velo Classique has Silca pumps in all different colors and sizes. (Some of these might be new old stock as they seem a little different from current models.) They have various types of end fittings too.


Thanks guys for the information. Its better than I could do searching the internet. I've saved the sites to Fav.s for when its on the road.
I'd forgotten the pumps as a weapon aspect. Certainly the mini (pocket rocket etc) pumps I have now would be useless.
I had heard of guys who raced in our club knocking their pumps while they were sprinting with disasterous results/img/vbsmilies/smilies/hissyfit.gif