Old times



Just for interest it's nearly 50 years ago that Ray Booty broke the 100 mile (160km) time trial 4 hour barrier in the UK with a time of 3:58:28.This was an out and back course under UK RTTC rules (no draughting!). Wonder what the record is over there now?! That caused as much excitement in cycling circles at the time as Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile in athletics. I can remember Ray well, about 6ft 4in, had a special big framed bike. Wonder if he still rides? I'm still in contact with several mates over there from that era who still ride. Trying to get 1 or 2 to come here for the Argus next year! With our present exchange rate it would be almost a free holiday for them!
Thanks VO2. Totally lost touch with TT. Amazed at present records. Only name I recognise is Beryl Burton, Ladies 12hr record holder. That must date from the 1950-60s.
Admin. Unless there's another B Burton. Beryl was big time in the 50s. Unfortunately they don't give the date of the records, just say it's "current".
Yup I know who she is and when she rode, shows she had some class that her records still stand hey!