Old World Beef Brisket

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    Old World Beef Brisket in Saurkraut & Onion Gravy*

    (this is a 150 year or older family recipe)

    4 cups home made saurkraut (juice and all) or store bought....if you must! 1 bulb of garlic (peeled
    and mashed) 3 tbsp fresh cracked black pepper 1tsp Juniper berries mashed 1 handful of crushed Thyme
    6 bay leaves
    1/2 cup each Appels , Onioins , Celery ,Carrots 1 cup dry red wine Mix the above in a tub , or large
    bowl. 1 Beef brisket 16 oz bacon (fried & grease reserved) 6-8 peeled large chunk potatoes (new
    potatoes are great)

    Marinate the Beef brisket for at least 24 hours in the mixture , 72 hours is better , if you have a
    crock and can keep it cold. After the marination period , you will remove the beef brisket , strain
    the the liquid from the kraut (saving 2 cups) . Sear off the beef brisket till browned on all sides
    in the bacon grease, and set aside. In a large covered casserole or baking dish , layer with kraut
    mix , potatoes, beef brisket and crumble the bacon on top , add the remaining liquid , cover , and
    bake for one (1) and quarter(1/4) hours , or till meat is tender

    * Onion gravy . I am sure everyone knows a good onion gravy recipe(s) . we remove the potatoes , and
    use the gravy over them , after we fork mash them on the plate. Bread and butter are usually
    served as well . Grandma used to make her own kraut , and this one of the ways she would make it
    when brisket was cheap to buy, and would feed the lot of our family. When ones family is both
    German , and English , and Native American...Cooking for large groups is what we do . I gave off
    the top of my head amounts , adjust the amounts to your taste really , I was always a kid in the
    kitchen with grandma.....and I don't measure anymore. Bright days , & good cooking Todd W.

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