OLN message board--hey! wha-happen'd!!

Eilert Pilarm

New Member
Sep 19, 2005
Havent been able to log onto the OLN board for weeks now. you can get to the OLN community but the linky-poo to the forum disappeared.

methinks we have a cunspiracy here...the cycling forum there was the most active of all forums. isnt that ironic alanis? and despite being crapped on by OLN, we cycling fans were downright civil about the whole mess.

i miss the dudes and dudettes over there. are any of you guys here also?

OLN also doesnt show any programming for the FIS world cup races. yet.

if they dont show any skiing, after all they've done with cycling this year, they can go eat one. (i dont have to be all that civil here eh?) :mad:
well well....now OLN throws us a bone for the winter.

i guess there WILL be a little OLN skiing coverage. Complete with the dumbass commentators who mispronounce all the names of all skiers not from the USA.
Or, they think that all the european skiers should have names pronounced as though they were German.
OLN FIS skiing schedule

shumb-dits :mad: