Olympic training programme



Hi Guys,

Im trying to find an olympic training programme and all the ones I see are far to easy to
start off with.

Im a runner really (1:30 half marathon) and have just started to dedicate time to my swimming and am
concentrating on that.

I used to run/bike 6 or 7 days a week with a couple of swims thrown in.

A typical week now is like this (because Im concentrating on swimming)

Mon swim 2k Tue swim 3.8k Wed run 10k fast thur swim 3.5k Fri swim 2k sat rest sun swim 2.5k

I may throw another run in or cycle to work and back depending how I feel. Some days I swim hard,
somedays I work on technique.

Once my swimming has improved Im looking for a more balanced programme and want to get to back to
the running track.

Any suggestions where I can get one?


> Any suggestions where I can get one?

I would look for a good local coach. If you don't want the full training that they provide they may
draw up a program for you for a small fee, or maybe even for free. Just my .02

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