[Omega 3][Mental Health] Douglas S. London lecture in Plymouth, MA 10/01/2003

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    Doug London will be giving a lecture on Oct 1st, at 7 pm at the Plymouth library on Omega 3's and
    their use in treating Mental illness.

    Douglas S. London Douglas London is on the faculty of medicine at Harvard Medical School. London is
    a Research Associate at the Psychopharmacological Research Laboratory at Mclean Hospital and works
    with Andrew Stoll, MD, on novel treatments, particularly those that are most promising for
    developing nations and populations in the US that do not have access to traditional pharmacological
    medications and therapies. He is Executive Director of BrainRights for the Americas (Mente Sana para
    las Americas). He was director of the International Psychiatric Clinic (Clinica Internacional para
    la Ansiedad) in Antigua, Guatemala and is present director of the International Psychiatric Clinic
    in Honduras. He has worked for 15 years in developing nations in Africa and Latin America. London
    has worked for a variety of institutions including United States government programs, the United
    Nations, international non-governmental organizations and research institutions. He has established
    new hospitals in the developing world such as a general hospital in Angola, Africa, building the
    physical resources, training hospital staff and administering the hospital until it was running
    smoothly. London has also founded and served as director for a research mental health clinic in
    Central America. He has trained doctors and medical staff in aspects of psychopharmacology in
    hospitals in Central America. London has done research in
    psychopharmacology in the developing world including the use of omega-3 fatty acids in pediatric and
    adult affective disorder in Guatemala and is a pioneer in the field of agricultural psychiatry.