On a budget: new or used trek domane? aluminum/sora or carbon/ultegra?

Which Bike?

  • New Trek Domane - Aluminum w/ Sora Components

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • Used 2013 Trek Domane - Carbon w/ Ultegra Components

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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David The Awesome

New Member
Jul 28, 2020
Warmest Greetings, Everyone!

I plan to buy a Trek Domane on a small budget and have the option of:
1) A NEW Trek Domane AL 3, aluminium frame w/ carbon fork & Sora R3000 components. ($1019.00)
2) A USED Trek Domane 4.5 from 2013, carbon frame, with 2013 Ultegra components. Very good shape. ($1000.00)

Which would you select and why? (Or, do you have another recommendation for someone who takes all-day distance rides and is looking for an endurance build?)
I only have a small amount to spend on a bike. (Road biking is a huge part of my life, but the budget...)

I'm a road cyclist who has been on a 2007 Felt Z4 Aluminum/Carbon bike w/ Tiagra components for years. I paid $300 for it, because the last owner crashed and cosmetically damaged the frame. I've gotten so much awesome riding out of it, but it's time to upgrade. Would new Sora components be an upgrade or a disappointment compared to what I'm used to w/ Tiagra? I don't race anyone or have any need to be competitive; I do go on long century rides frequently and want the best comfort possible on extended journeys, however. I've never been able to afford a great bike, and am not really sure how every-day people on a budget can when the price-point these days basically begins at $2000-4000. (That's what a used car costs to me!)

Thanks for the help making a good decision!

Much peace,
-David, avid cyclist without the big money.
I would get the Trek because I would never buy a used carbon fiber bike. CF is a weird material to be buying used, in a lot of cases an accident may not show damage, but there might be underlying damage which can fail in dramatic fashion when riding it one day. Unless you're will to pay to have the bike frame sent to a place that will scan it for hidden cracks stay away from used CF. So go with the Trek.
I agree with Froze. I would not buy a used carbon fibre bike.

My handle bars snapped off my bike at the carbon fibre steerer tube a couple of years ago while I was riding it. It was not a good experience. A 2013 bike may have been in a crash or have incipient failures that are very hard to detect.
Hey there! I understand your concerns about used carbon fibre bikes, but it's crucial to consider the specific circumstances. While carbon fibre can be vulnerable to failure, it's not fair to generalize it based on one incident. Carbon fibre technology has come a long way, and rigorous testing ensures its reliability. Moreover, a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic can assess any potential damage. So, it's not necessarily a bad idea to consider a used carbon bike, especially if you find one in great condition.
A tough choice indeed! Both options have their merits. The new AL 3 gives you the advantage of a newer carbon fork and up-to-date Sora components. On the other hand, the 2013 Domane 4.5 offers a full carbon frame, which you might prefer for weight and comfort. If the 2013 Ultegra components are well-maintained, the used bike could be a steal. Ultimately, it depends on what you value most in your ride. Whichever you choose, I'm sure it'll serve you well on those all-day distance rides. Keep us posted on your decision and happy cycling! :)

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