On the Subject of looking out for one another

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Thanks to the English gentleman who rode with me back to my car after I had a little accident on
Sunday. By the time he came along I'd managed to stop the bleeding & had left the single track and
was walking down the road hoping to find a lift. He continued up the hill but said he'd check how I
was on his way back.

Realising I wasn't going to get a lift I fixed the front tyre (which had blown causing the accident)
and started riding. He came back and rode at my now very slow pace and we chatted about bikes (he'd
just bought a new Canondale and seemed pretty happy with it) and I pointed him to a few trails, it
helped to take my mind of the pain. He didn't even mention that minor sporting event we just had
here in Aus. recently.

Result - bike OK, one large gouge in the right forearm about & inch long and 1/2 wide a course of
antibiotics and a lot of ribbing from people at work (I've had a bad year for accidents)

Thanks Stranger

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