One Cyclist Killed; Another Seriously Injured

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>Aren't lawyers automatically disbarred for a felony

Among lawyers, the only crime is getting caught. They spend
six months pf law school learning the law, and the next
several years learning ways around it.
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>>(Note quote: "He had not realized that he struck the
>I'll bet this guy is a repeat DUI, or 502 in California.
>I have lost friends to drunk drivers, and I say this with
>all sincerity.
>One offense, and you become a lifelong pedestrian.
>Do it again -- even ONCE again, and your eyes get put out.
>Poked right out of your head.
>That is the ONLY deterrent for these morons.

how about this? you take someone's life due to negligance,
and you get croaked for it. that is just so reasonable.

Michael J. Klein

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>Hey, I saw that on Quincy, ME a couple of decades ago (My
>mom and two sisters are RNs). The driver hit his
>accountant, about to blow a scam, then blamed him for
>stealing the money. But he hit his knee on the dashboard,
>and blood filled the hematoma, which they drained and kept
>the blook, which Quincy tested and found he was not drunk
>when he had the accident.
>"Michael J. Klein" wrote: <snip>
>> If you wanna kill someone - just spill vodka all over
>> your shirt, drink some and then park your car at an
>> intersection you know this person will eventually cross.
>> Then just run them over (while leaving the bottle on the
>> front seat) - presto! OTOH, shoot a rapist while
>> attacking your wife in your own home (well, in Amerika
>> anyway) and see what happens to you!

hmmm maybe I should have included an admonition that one
should actually *be* drunk! lol

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