One of my rides - A 'Bike View' of Scioto Trail - Hilltop bridge to Boat House - Columbus Ohio


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May 29, 2014
Today we start at the Scioto Hilltop Connector Bridge and head east. After winding along the Scioto River we end up at the Boat House. This is a bike perspective of the trail.

Decent music...nice shots of the Columbus skyline...

The Boathouse is down by the confluence of the Scioto & Olentangy Rivers, but where is the start point? Up by Hilliard?

I've done TOSRV a few times, starting in 1972.
Thanks for the feedback. No this actually is heading west. If you go under this bridge it will take you to US 33 and that will take you to Dublin. If you go over this bridge, it will take you to the Hilltop. The starting point is about 1/2 a mile north of the Post office on Dublin Road( US 33). I've never done the TOSRV as I do Calvin Challenge which is the weekend before and I'm not ready for a long ride after doing a 12 hour ride the prior weekend. I got plenty more videos on my YouTube channel if you are interested. North of Hillard a good bit.

I had a good friend, Bob Bachtel, that was killed while racing the Calvin Challenge several years ago. After that event I can see why you wouldn't want to do TOSTV...especially if the weather is the traditional 'Headwinds & Driving Rain' Both Days'!

Is this the path that can be seen from I270? And IIRC there is also a trail that can be seen from 315.
This Trail can be seen from 670 on the west side (you can see the pictured bridge as you drive by). The trail on 315 is the Olentangy Trail and you can see it here: This one basically starts where the other one stops. This goes up 315 to just south of 161 because I ran out of battery power. I will film north of there when I get up that way again. Regarding 270, there are lots of trails that go under that one and would need a little more guidance as to which side of town you are referring to.
The Olentangy Trail looks like it's a fun ride. I have a friend with an office just off Cooke Road. I'll try the trail from his place next time I'm in town. Thanks for the video introduction to it!

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