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  1. habbywall

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    so i know that when you wheel walk you are supposed to lean backwards,
    but are you supposed to angle the frame back and you lean fowards,
    cause whenver i lean back i fall back and it hurts,
    thanks to anyone who helps


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  2. maestro8

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    I think you've got it right, habby... the way I achieve the position for
    wheelwalking is to sit up straight then "stick my butt out", tilting
    the frame back but effectively leaning my upper body forwards just a
    little. Try not to hunch over so much as sit up straight, as the
    taller you can sit up, the better you can balance.

    You've already found out the consequence of leaning back too far...
    leaning forward too far will cause your wheel to end up rolling too
    quickly and your feet won't be able to keep up with the wheel. Try to
    tilt your frame back without changing your balance too much, so you
    don't have to roll very quickly. I find I can wheel walk further when
    I go very slowly.

    I agree that foot placement is crucial... try to start with your foot
    above the frame and just your toe on the tire, and push the wheel with
    your foot for as long as possible... you'll end up pushing until just
    your heel is touching the tire. The longer you can keep your foot on
    the tire the more control you'll have.

    My longest wheel walk so far is about 10 feet, and I've been trying for
    months... just keep practicing! Good luck.


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  3. flyer

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    As a note, wheel walking requires you to lean back because your feet are
    further out front, and you need to balance that. When you do 1ft ww,
    you notice that the balance is slightly different, due to the change in
    position of your other foot.

    the more you know, or something :q

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